The Team.

Kaito Yamatsu

CEO, streetwear connoisseur

Earned his stripes in sales at a big name IT firm. In 2016 his budding interest in Blockchain technology lead him to take a leap into the industry. He started as a communicator at Cardano, and is now one of the directors at CTIA as well as the CEO at Libertis.

Takuya Miwa

Translator, hair model

When he`s not combing his hair, Takuya is working hard to make sure the translations are hitting the mark. He`s been translating in the blockchain space for a number of years and developed incredible attention to detail.

Mami Onko

Head translator, Boss-lady

Mami is a veteran translator, with years of experience in translating for Block-chain specific projects. Before a translation gets to a customer, it has to pass-by her. Needless to say we at Liberatis both love and fear her.

Toshihito Ogasahara

Korean Translator, street fighter

Engaged in Japanese-Korean translation, blockchain technical materials after studying in Korea for 7 years. Responsible for Japanese-Korean interpretation in blockchain, FinTech related companies, and education.

Shelly Lin

Interpreter, Cuteness officer

Dedicated English, Chinese, Japanese Interpreting with years of experience working in both professional and FinTech fields.
As well as simultaneous interpreting during conferences and meetings.Her portfolio includes proprietary technology and crypto-related documents, White papers and one pagers as well as subtitles. She super cute BTW.

Grace Watahara

Head of PR, resident unicorn

She`s on a mission to promote TGE as an alternative to ICOs for safer investing. Like everyone else on the team she translates as well as handling PR.