Professional translation,
tailored for Blockchain projects.

We believe in the global potential of blockchain
and cryptocurrency projects. Good, well adapted communications are key to reaching an international audience.

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Why choose a blockchain
specialist translator?

As blockchain projects reach worldwide adoption, the
need for standardised and commonly understood information is more important than ever. We strive to do more than translate meaning, but to express the motives and goals of organisations and projects.

Technical, professional and Well understood.

We translate to world class standards, from interpreters with international experience in fin-tech and the blockchain space. White papers and technical documents are written to express intent and complex meaning, with nothing lost in translation.

The Process.

What working with us looks like.

Hearing &

Get in touch with us, we`ll talk about the details of your project.
Then we`ll get back to you with a proposal and price estimates.

Translations &

After an agreement has been signed, we get to work. We translate. throughly proof-read and correct formatting.

Submission &

We submit our translations!
Once our work has been submitted we`ll get in touch to see if there is anything else we can help with.

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